Google Goggles

Only 2 of these actually exists.

Google Glass has been called many things, “Google Glasses”, “Google Goggles”, “Jeweler’s Eyewear”, “That Star Trek VISOR thing” to name a few.  No, I’m not joking, I have gotten those responses.  Just trying to simplify the description of it leads to the latter being used quite often.  Google Goggles is actually a thing though, and pretty cool (It’s an app, available on iTunes or Android).  The others don’t really apply to Glass…except for the Visor thing, it kinda reminds me of this episode.

If you recall, I ran in the Electric Run last Friday.  I was approached by several people throughout the race who asked questions about Google Glass.  I’ve only ran into a few other people who have asked me what it was or if it was, indeed, Google Glass.  I try to politely correct them when they refer to the unit as something other than what it is.  After explaining or demoing it, however, they usually get bright eyed in amazement if they’ve never heard of it before.

All I can suggest to those who are newly entering the Glass world is to ask questions or even ask to try them on.  Pretty much every Explorer I’ve spoken with has no qualms about letting others demo the product.  Ask questions. Try them on.  See for yourself.