Are…are those..?

“Excuse me…” The man approached my corner table in Starbucks where I was working on some code for a website.  I look up to see a man towering near me, a huge grin on his face.

“I don’t mean to bother you, but are those Google Glass?” He stared at the Glass that sat on my face.

I smiled and explained the product, answering his questions.

“How do you like them?”

“What about the privacy issues?”

“Tell me about functionality.”

I offered to let him try them on, but he threw his hands up, “Oh no! No, I was just curious and hadn’t seen a pair in person.” He thanked me for taking time to explain and talk to him and made his way back to his seat on the other side of the cafe.



I will admit that I don’t get asked a lot about Glass.  I get strange looks, or even stares, but I live in a small southern town. People don’t know about them, haven’t even heard of them most of the time.  When I’m in a denser populated area, I tend to actually get asked about the product.  One of my friends told me how they are such a cool ice breaker, and will help me make connections.  I laughed and thought it was silly that a product could really gain you connections.  If I were to buy a top of the line Corvette, fresh from the factory, people would take notice while driving, but it wouldn’t possibly advance my career.  Right?

Stock photos for "new car" are hilarious, by the way.

Stock photos for “new car” are hilarious, by the way.

Apparently, they totally can help you make connections.  I had three different people approach my table within an hour and a half today.  One conversation lasted an hour.  Even with all the negative press out there about Glass, people are genuinely interested in how they’re performing.  One man was concerned about privacy, and even joked that he wondered if I had been filming him.  This is silly, in my perspective, because why would I want to sit in Starbucks for an hour and film random strangers drinking coffee? Why would that benefit me?  Also, you can do the same with your phone or even on a more secretive note, this spy pen which records video (for only $32).

The point is, Glass is so much more than a camera.  It does take amazing pictures, and yes you can do so covertly.  However it also translates, emails, makes phone calls, text message, gives directions, Googles, and delivers a myriad of other information instantly.  There are a ton of possibilities out there.