Apple and Glass-Take Two.

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I’ve posted before about the Apple store and Glass.  While some have reported being ooh’d and ah’d over with their glass, I and a few other explorers have had a different response.  No one acknowledges them.  They may look, stare, or gesture, but no one talks or even mentions them. I wasn’t trying to tease them, but a bit of bad luck and my natural grace caused me to drop my iPhone 5 on Saturday and shatter the screen.  Apple now does repairs for screen damage on iPhones (unless you’re one of those hip kids that think it’s now cool to have a busted phone), and since I’m ineligible for upgrade, I decided it was more cost effective to spend a bit on a replacement rather than an out-of-contract phone upgrade.

It was still functional, just looked horrible.

My mom accompanied me this time, and we were soon checked in and sat at the “Genius Bar” to await whichever blue shirted Apple employee was going to help me.  I’m not poking fun at them, they truly have never been anything but helpful and knowledgeable.  As I was waiting at this very full bar, an older gentleman asked me “So, how are you liking Glass?”  Within a few minutes of explaining my time with Glass, four other people at the bar were now looking at me and asking me about Glass.

I should say here that I am usually an introverted person, but Glass forces you out of that bubble.  You get used to being asked about it or even demoing it to people.  One of the Apple employees who was helping a neighboring person even jumped in the conversation. He quickly withdrew once we started talking about features and went back to helping his customer (which reinforced the statement that they were not allowed to acknowledge Glass).  My phone was fixed and I had a fun night with Glass and the mall.  Even a host at a restaurant came up to ask me about it.  General reactions, despite negativity in the media, are “That is so cool!” “I can’t wait to get one.”  “Wow, that is mind-blowing!”

Taken #throughglass

Taken #throughglass


Are…are those..?

“Excuse me…” The man approached my corner table in Starbucks where I was working on some code for a website.  I look up to see a man towering near me, a huge grin on his face.

“I don’t mean to bother you, but are those Google Glass?” He stared at the Glass that sat on my face.

I smiled and explained the product, answering his questions.

“How do you like them?”

“What about the privacy issues?”

“Tell me about functionality.”

I offered to let him try them on, but he threw his hands up, “Oh no! No, I was just curious and hadn’t seen a pair in person.” He thanked me for taking time to explain and talk to him and made his way back to his seat on the other side of the cafe.



I will admit that I don’t get asked a lot about Glass.  I get strange looks, or even stares, but I live in a small southern town. People don’t know about them, haven’t even heard of them most of the time.  When I’m in a denser populated area, I tend to actually get asked about the product.  One of my friends told me how they are such a cool ice breaker, and will help me make connections.  I laughed and thought it was silly that a product could really gain you connections.  If I were to buy a top of the line Corvette, fresh from the factory, people would take notice while driving, but it wouldn’t possibly advance my career.  Right?

Stock photos for "new car" are hilarious, by the way.

Stock photos for “new car” are hilarious, by the way.

Apparently, they totally can help you make connections.  I had three different people approach my table within an hour and a half today.  One conversation lasted an hour.  Even with all the negative press out there about Glass, people are genuinely interested in how they’re performing.  One man was concerned about privacy, and even joked that he wondered if I had been filming him.  This is silly, in my perspective, because why would I want to sit in Starbucks for an hour and film random strangers drinking coffee? Why would that benefit me?  Also, you can do the same with your phone or even on a more secretive note, this spy pen which records video (for only $32).

The point is, Glass is so much more than a camera.  It does take amazing pictures, and yes you can do so covertly.  However it also translates, emails, makes phone calls, text message, gives directions, Googles, and delivers a myriad of other information instantly.  There are a ton of possibilities out there.

Google Goggles

Only 2 of these actually exists.

Google Glass has been called many things, “Google Glasses”, “Google Goggles”, “Jeweler’s Eyewear”, “That Star Trek VISOR thing” to name a few.  No, I’m not joking, I have gotten those responses.  Just trying to simplify the description of it leads to the latter being used quite often.  Google Goggles is actually a thing though, and pretty cool (It’s an app, available on iTunes or Android).  The others don’t really apply to Glass…except for the Visor thing, it kinda reminds me of this episode.

If you recall, I ran in the Electric Run last Friday.  I was approached by several people throughout the race who asked questions about Google Glass.  I’ve only ran into a few other people who have asked me what it was or if it was, indeed, Google Glass.  I try to politely correct them when they refer to the unit as something other than what it is.  After explaining or demoing it, however, they usually get bright eyed in amazement if they’ve never heard of it before.

All I can suggest to those who are newly entering the Glass world is to ask questions or even ask to try them on.  Pretty much every Explorer I’ve spoken with has no qualms about letting others demo the product.  Ask questions. Try them on.  See for yourself.

Cooking #ThroughGlass

There are already a large amount of Apps available for Glass (see  Some are “Google Approved”, while others are made by a third party.  There are controversial ones, such as Tits and Glass (Banned by Google), as well as cool ones, such as the Tesla app which (If you have one of the drool worthy new Teslas) you can control features of the car through your Glass.  One app that may come in handy for the everyday Glass user, such as myself, is the cooking apps.  KitchMe and NavCook are two such apps that look promising and have great reviews.


NavCook (taken from a review by GlassAppz)



This would show up in the upper field of your vision while you’re cooking, even reading the directions to you, step-by-step.

Screen shot of the app, Nav Cook

I personally haven’t tried either of those apps yet, but I did cook with Glass recently.  I decided to make these mini fritattas.

Below show my steps of cooking #throughglass.  They actually came out wonderfully and hands free step-by-step pictures was a nice perk.

Apple and Glass

I’ll admit it.  I’m an Apple fan girl.  I own several Apple products and their customer service is amazing. When Google Glass came out, they released an app for Android devices called the “My Glass” app.  This app is the companion to the Glass unit.  It allows you to set up WiFi, add apps to your unit, as well as make other configurations.  This is taken from the app page:

See, even Google has a sense of humor.

See, even Google has a sense of humor.

There is not, however, an iOS app for Glass yet.  This is unfortunate, but you can still configure via a website online (Or, if you have an android tablet as I do, you’re all set).   I wish we iPhone users had a bit more functionality.  Until that time, I’ll get by.

I recently had my macbook pro cord begin to split.  It’s still under warranty, so I knew I could just get a replacement.  Off to the Apple store I went, with a 12:45 appointment at the “Genius Bar”. I had to stop by the Charlotte Running CoElectric Run pickup event first, to which I experienced my first “Is that Google Glass?” notice from a stranger.  The guy in front of me waited about 20 minutes in line with me before finally asking. He knew all about them, and even asked if I was a developer.  We continued on our way, picked up our packets and went straight to the Apple store at South Park.

I have never seen it empty, but apparently that is what it looks like.

I walked in and made my way to the check-in guy.  I immediately noticed I was getting some looks from employees, in fact one looked like Santa had just walked into the store.

Ridiculously Accurate.

I should make a note here that I have read a few posts on the Glass explorer communities where they heard Apple employees were not allowed to talk or acknowledge Glass in the store.  That was part of the reason I wanted to wear Glass into the store. I wanted to see if it was true.

I was sent to the bar to have a seat, wherein my appointed Apple Genius came by to make the swap out for my cord.  He smiled rather largely and began the replacement process. Which involves him pulling up my warranty info and doing a lot of quick selecting on his iPad.  The entire process, his eyes drifted from glass to my face and back to his iPad.

He attempted some of the worst small talk in the world, which only leads me to believe that those posts are accurate. You would think that someone with the technological knowledge that these Apple employees have, or the sheer excitement they were displaying,  would have asked unless they had some policy against it.  I have my own policy with Glass.  Unless I’m in a hurry, and you ask about Glass or ask to try them on, I will totally let you.  I will put it on Guest Mode and let you do a few things with it, no qualms about it.

Running Through Glass

I’m going to preface this by saying that I do enjoy running, but I’m not the avid runner I used to be.  I run when the weather is nice, for fitness, and as a general stress reliever. I do register for “fun runs” such as the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston last year, the Color Run, and I’m running in the Electric Run this Saturday.


Since I’ve gotten glass, I haven’t really gotten a chance to run.  It’s been rainy or hot as hell and after seeing some reports of the foil on the prism cracking or bubbling in high heat and humidity, I have been babying my Glass.

A picture of what some high heat and moisture did to one person’s Glass unit.


Luckily for me, I haven’t seen any defects in my Glass unit.  I should also mention that Google has been great when people have issues with their Glass units.  The support is amazing. So, after researching how sweat & running affected Glass, I decided to go for it.  They want us to be explorers. To get out there and use Glass in a myriad of ways.  So, I ran.

Glass did great.  I wish there were a fitness app, such as the Nike Plus app which would tell me how far I’ve ran and what my average Time/Mile was registering.  There is a “Glass Fit” app, but it does an entire routine.  Glass is still in it’s infancy, developers are making apps every day.  I’m sure there will be more running or fitness apps to come.




Ninja Edit: I was uploading the above video and YouTube did this nifty little thing.  Yes, it was a bit shaky, but strap a camera to your head and run without shaking it a bit.  Glass stayed on my entire run without me worrying about them falling off. 

Using Glass

I’ve said it before, I so need a second Glass to take pictures of people trying on Glass. I’ve been using my Glass for a week now (9 days) and I do love it.  It honestly saves my battery on my phone, because I’m not constantly looking down to check emails.  Now, you have to realize that I get a ton of emails every day. I currently have 4 different email accounts.  Yes, some are just the junk emails you get, some are Facebook notifications (yes, I still get those. I prefer it sometimes).


Just Todays!

Just Todays!


I get my important emails through Glass right now. I also LOVE the photo taking feature.  I have used it without missing moments.  I will install Winky when I get a chance to play around with developing for Glass.

It's an app that allows you to take a photo via winking.

It’s an app that allows you to take a photo via winking.

I use it at one of my jobs (I have 3), and I don’t get too many questions about it.  Everyone in the office has tried it on, but the occasional truck driver asks.  I wore it to a restaurant and let the staff try it on, and I also let my coworkers try it on. All were impressed and only one person was afraid to try it on. I am getting ready to design some cards with a QR code for this blog, as well as links, so that I don’t have to explain Glass as much as I have been.  I did experience PGS, or Phantom Glass Syndrome, the other day.  That is where I was wearing a normal pair of sunglasses and looked up, touching the side to access my Glass items. Such a first world problem, I know.

Anyway, here are some pictures taken with Glass this weekend.