Glass and Driving…UK edition

Glass and Driving…UK edition

My field of view.

I have written about Glass and driving before (See, here and here).  You do a quick Google search for Glass, and will find various blogs, newspaper, and tech articles either defending or promoting Glass.  Recently, the UK are making strides in banning Glass from drivers. It should be noted, however, that Google Glass isn’t even available to non-US citizens yet.


Driving with Glass

I was going to write an entire post about this, since it’s one of the first things that gets said about Glass (as noted in this previous post). But there are plenty of other people’s blogs or posts about Driving and Glass. Here are the highlights.

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Basically, it can be distracting to use ANY device (or even a paper map) while driving a car.  I urge users of any technology to use your brain before you use the device. If you don’t feel safe to remove the road from your field of vision, don’t do it. You can always pull over or turn around. You can’t come back from the dead.  Unless you’re a zombie or perhaps a vampire. But that’s a whole different type of blog.