New Experiment.

I posted on twitter earlier that I had discovered something new with iOS7 Beta 4 and Glass.  In a nutshell, I found that toggling my personal hotspot on my iPhone for Glass (which would allow me to connect Glass to the internet) no longer worked the same.  Now, before we jump on board the “Beta’s have bugs” train, I never said it wasn’t working.  Instead of showing up as being connected to Wifi on Glass, it’s allowing me to tether data via bluetooth.  This should help some of the battery life concerns for Glass.

Now, enough for the mumbo-jumbo technical language for all those that aren’t tech geeks like myself. The new experiment.   Google sent out a few emails to select people today.  This is what it said,

No, I did not get one. I may get one, but as Sarah Price confirmed, it is just an experiment they are doing to see added interest with Glass.  Or something.  She didn’t even have all the details yet.  If I were to invite you, you’d still have to travel and pay for Glass, just as all explorers did.