Electric Run

If you follow this blog, or remember back to this post, I enjoy running (especially with Glass).   The Electric Run is one of those “fun runs” I mentioned.  Basically, it’s a 5K run (not race–it’s not timed) which involves music, lights, and an “electric wonderland”. Taken from their website:

 You’ll run, walk, and dance through distinct lands with lights and music custom mixed to match the mood of the lighting elements.

I took my Glass with me to the Electric Run, which was held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on Friday night.  The race started at 8:50, but with 20,000 people the race continued to release waves until after 10:00.  There were crazy costumes, amazing decorations and music, as well as a huge concert at the end.  Glow sticks were everywhere.


During the race, I was asked about Glass several times (which made me happy).  One person called them “Google Goggles” and two other people told me they were super jealous.  I did use my cell phone to snap some pics, but using Glass was a ton easier, and I took way more video on my Glass than my phone.  One question I got asked about Glass last night was how it performed taking pictures and videos in the dark.  So, in the following video I included both iPhone and Glass clips. The iPhone videos are labeled as such, so that users can compare.



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