Cooking #ThroughGlass

There are already a large amount of Apps available for Glass (see  Some are “Google Approved”, while others are made by a third party.  There are controversial ones, such as Tits and Glass (Banned by Google), as well as cool ones, such as the Tesla app which (If you have one of the drool worthy new Teslas) you can control features of the car through your Glass.  One app that may come in handy for the everyday Glass user, such as myself, is the cooking apps.  KitchMe and NavCook are two such apps that look promising and have great reviews.


NavCook (taken from a review by GlassAppz)



This would show up in the upper field of your vision while you’re cooking, even reading the directions to you, step-by-step.

Screen shot of the app, Nav Cook

I personally haven’t tried either of those apps yet, but I did cook with Glass recently.  I decided to make these mini fritattas.

Below show my steps of cooking #throughglass.  They actually came out wonderfully and hands free step-by-step pictures was a nice perk.


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