Tasks #ThroughGlass

I’m doing my best to show you what life is like through glass.  When I entered the #ifihadglass contest, I wrote that I don’t carve ice sculptures, jump out of airplanes, or do anything wild and adventurous (see this post for more information).  I am a relatively normal, geeky college student who works a few jobs.  That being said, I used Glass in the bathroom last night.  Before you click away, know that I would never go all Robert Scoble on you.

A Glass user that proved Glass withstood a shower (and a rainstorm).

If you don’t get why I just posted a hairy naked man in my blog, just do a quick search for “Robert Scoble Shower” and you’ll find a dozen articles about this particular shower-themed post (ABC News, VentureBeat, and The Verge to name a few). Actually, don’t google that, it’s too hard to explain to someone why you were googling a man in a shower wearing Glass.

That being said, I thought it’d be fun to use Glass when I gave my dog a bath last night.  In this video, all the images or clips were taken #thoughglass.

Just a Note:  Glass held up fine in the bathroom.  No water damage I can see, though I did get sprayed when he shook a few times.  



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