Apple and Glass

I’ll admit it.  I’m an Apple fan girl.  I own several Apple products and their customer service is amazing. When Google Glass came out, they released an app for Android devices called the “My Glass” app.  This app is the companion to the Glass unit.  It allows you to set up WiFi, add apps to your unit, as well as make other configurations.  This is taken from the app page:

See, even Google has a sense of humor.

See, even Google has a sense of humor.

There is not, however, an iOS app for Glass yet.  This is unfortunate, but you can still configure via a website online (Or, if you have an android tablet as I do, you’re all set).   I wish we iPhone users had a bit more functionality.  Until that time, I’ll get by.

I recently had my macbook pro cord begin to split.  It’s still under warranty, so I knew I could just get a replacement.  Off to the Apple store I went, with a 12:45 appointment at the “Genius Bar”. I had to stop by the Charlotte Running CoElectric Run pickup event first, to which I experienced my first “Is that Google Glass?” notice from a stranger.  The guy in front of me waited about 20 minutes in line with me before finally asking. He knew all about them, and even asked if I was a developer.  We continued on our way, picked up our packets and went straight to the Apple store at South Park.

I have never seen it empty, but apparently that is what it looks like.

I walked in and made my way to the check-in guy.  I immediately noticed I was getting some looks from employees, in fact one looked like Santa had just walked into the store.

Ridiculously Accurate.

I should make a note here that I have read a few posts on the Glass explorer communities where they heard Apple employees were not allowed to talk or acknowledge Glass in the store.  That was part of the reason I wanted to wear Glass into the store. I wanted to see if it was true.

I was sent to the bar to have a seat, wherein my appointed Apple Genius came by to make the swap out for my cord.  He smiled rather largely and began the replacement process. Which involves him pulling up my warranty info and doing a lot of quick selecting on his iPad.  The entire process, his eyes drifted from glass to my face and back to his iPad.

He attempted some of the worst small talk in the world, which only leads me to believe that those posts are accurate. You would think that someone with the technological knowledge that these Apple employees have, or the sheer excitement they were displaying,  would have asked unless they had some policy against it.  I have my own policy with Glass.  Unless I’m in a hurry, and you ask about Glass or ask to try them on, I will totally let you.  I will put it on Guest Mode and let you do a few things with it, no qualms about it.


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