Using Glass

I’ve said it before, I so need a second Glass to take pictures of people trying on Glass. I’ve been using my Glass for a week now (9 days) and I do love it.  It honestly saves my battery on my phone, because I’m not constantly looking down to check emails.  Now, you have to realize that I get a ton of emails every day. I currently have 4 different email accounts.  Yes, some are just the junk emails you get, some are Facebook notifications (yes, I still get those. I prefer it sometimes).


Just Todays!

Just Todays!


I get my important emails through Glass right now. I also LOVE the photo taking feature.  I have used it without missing moments.  I will install Winky when I get a chance to play around with developing for Glass.

It's an app that allows you to take a photo via winking.

It’s an app that allows you to take a photo via winking.

I use it at one of my jobs (I have 3), and I don’t get too many questions about it.  Everyone in the office has tried it on, but the occasional truck driver asks.  I wore it to a restaurant and let the staff try it on, and I also let my coworkers try it on. All were impressed and only one person was afraid to try it on. I am getting ready to design some cards with a QR code for this blog, as well as links, so that I don’t have to explain Glass as much as I have been.  I did experience PGS, or Phantom Glass Syndrome, the other day.  That is where I was wearing a normal pair of sunglasses and looked up, touching the side to access my Glass items. Such a first world problem, I know.

Anyway, here are some pictures taken with Glass this weekend.



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