The Contest

When explaining Glass to those that haven’t heard of it yet, I get a few questions. One that comes up every time is, “How much will this cost when it’s available to the public?”

The answer: I have no idea. Experts believe it will cost somewhere around the price of a smartphone. Most believe the price will be below $500, probably in the $200-$300 range. (Source, Source, and oh yeah Source). Now, this is all speculation but let’s face it, Google does a good job of releasing products in the affordable range.  If you don’t know or haven’t done the research as I do, just check out their tablet and smartphone line.

Their current lineup

Their current lineup

So, what does this have to do with a contest?  Well If you remember back to this post, I won a contest which allowed me to purchase this limited edition, not available to the public yet-device. That’s right. I didn’t WIN the device. I won an opportunity to purchase.  An opportunity to be one of less than 10,000 people in the world to OWN Glass.  That’s pretty special for a geek like me.  It’s also a brilliant move by Google.  They get people so excited about their product that we basically becoming walking billboards for them AND PAY TO DO SO. We had to cough up the $1,633.12 (with tax in NYC) to get this device. Plus airfare and accommodations if you had to travel like I did.  We also do this realistically knowing that a consumer model (available to the public) will come out most likely being different and costing less than ours did.

If you’re wondering what on earth made us want to do this, check out the video.  Think about the possibilities. Remember back to when you saw the first commercial for the very first iPhone. Think about first computers and what that meant for the world. Whether you like it or use all of these devices, you have to admit that they can be beneficial and make life easier. The possibilities are endless.

The contest was pretty simple:

“Using the hashtag #ifihadglass, take to Twitter or Google + and with 50 words or less, explain how you would use Google Glass. Photos and videos can be included as well. The deadline is February 27”.

I figured, what the hell.  So one day, while at school. I typed up my entry, added a few photos and submitted it to Google+.

That sums me up. I love technology and most likely won’t be carving ice sculptures or jumping out of airplanes.  I will use them. I have had them on for the majority of the day.  What would you do with Glass?


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