The Fitting

My appointment was set for Friday at 3:00 on the 8th Floor of Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market, by the way, was one of my favorite areas in New York.  It’s busy, but has a certain calm aspect to it.  Maybe this was due to the immense overwhelming feeling I had when in Times Square surrounded by people.

The Lobby

The Lobby

We took the elevator to the 8th floor and was greeted by a nice gentleman and two ladies at the desk. I actually couldn’t dig out my paper to “present at the door for entry”, but they checked me in anyway. My friend Danielle was my plus one, and we sat in the waiting area while our Glass guide, Megan, got ready for us.

Those last two pics show a little of the Glass fitting area, as well as some of the things we did to set up Glass.  I was offered food and drinks, of which I accepted. The mimosa was very yummy.

The fitting took about an hour and 15 minutes.  I updated my Glass while I was there to XE7, which is the latest software update.  I’ll note here that each software update Google releases has new features.  It’s like a goody bag of excitement each month. As for the fitting, my nose is very small at the top (which, I had never noticed before) and Megan (my guide) wanted to be sure they fit well.

I was very excited, as you can tell. The nose piece is really bendable, so you can set it to however is the most comfortable.  I do wear contacts, and I know some people wonder if that affects Glass.  The answer: No, Not for me. I did used to wear glasses, so they feel normal.  The prism is supposed to sit above your eye-line, only to be accessed by looking up.  Which presents a happy problem. I walked around Chelsea Market with them, and was so geekily excited about Glass that I probably looked up more than I normally do. I also loved the hands free picture taking.


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