Remember this pic?

Remember this pic?

I’ve mentioned my use of the Glass sunglasses attachment a couple of times. If you know me personally, you’ll know that bright lights and I do not mix. I love the sun and all it’s wonderful attributes, but I’m also a computer nerd (No! shocking right?). Computer screens make the sunlight scary.


So, I finally got used to using the sunglasses attachment. I can slide them in and out pretty easily, but they do mean I have to slightly readjust the position of the nose pieces each time I use them.




I have one little thing that I’ve come across as weird. When I look down at my iPhone 5 running iOS 7, the screen looks.. weird. Rainbows appear, kinda like when you look at your phone with 3D glasses on. Now, I’m not talking about looking through the prism, I’m merely noting that the sunglasses attachment makes the phone screen look rainbow-y.


I don’t know why this is happening, just that it’s happening. I can still see the screen, but I usually end up looking through the space between the sunglasses and my face to see my phone screen. It’s probably due to the fact that my lenses are polarized but who knew iOS 7 would look like that?


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