Pros and Cons: A First Look

I haven’t had Glass long, but one of the biggest questions I get asked by those interested in the product are “what do you like” or “what do you dislike” about Glass.

So, I’ll start with the Cons. The things I don’t like.

  1. Fitting takes some time.  Glass is fit to my face, and it took us about 15 minutes just to do that.  When you put on glass and activate it, you see a screen that is about 8 ft. or so in front of you.  You are supposed to see all four corners of the screen, but because I have a narrow nose, I could see the screen but only the lower half. Adjusting takes time and a lot of trial and error.

    What your field of view is supposed to look like

    What your field of view is supposed to look like

  2. Sunglasses. I love them, they work well. But they also make the fitting of the nose pieces change slightly. Because of this, I found it very frustrating (for me) to use them. I’m just in the beginning stage of using Glass, and I’m still playing around with the fit, so I’m sure I’ll get better at it.
  3. The opinions.  I am from the south, and a common phrase around here is “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them.” Most people around me have never heard of Glass. When they see me with it, I get strange looks and questions.  After explaining (and sometimes letting them demo them–actually most of the time) they’ll say something like, “Oh I see big problems with this, driving with Glass could be so dangerous.” This is a big comment so far, but I’ll just say this. Can you use your cell phone in your car? Can you even though it may be illegal or dangerous to do so?  Well, the same goes for Glass.  You can use them, and sure they could be a distraction, but I personally concentrate on driving when I’m in a car.  You can’t protect people from a lack of common sense.
  4. Battery.  This has been discussed a lot online. The battery life of Glass leaves something to be desired.  I am getting used to them and demoing them a lot, which drains it more (obviously), but I was surprised at how quickly it drains.  Here’s a for instance, I took them off the charger this morning and by 10 am I was down to 64%. Now, that’s not terrible, but I didn’t use them a lot either.  I am on wifi rather than tethering via bluetooth.  Edit: Today, with less demos the Glass has held up a battery much better. 
  5. iOS. There is currently no iOS (iPhone) app available for Glass.  What does this mean? Well, it means that we iPhone users have some limited functionality with Glass.  Luckily for me, I have a Nexus 7 that I use for android development, so I have GPS functionality when I use my hotspot/tethering. I’m still missing the Text/SMS messaging support, which is a bummer.  I did ask my guide about this, and she said that there is an app coming, but they don’t know when it will be released. 😦

Pros.  The good stuff.

  1. Can I just say that it is amazing. Technology is amazing and I love it.  That’s the main reason I love Glass. Remember when the iPhone and the first smartphones first came out.  A lot of people didn’t think they’d ever use something like that or there were those that were so excited about the possibilities.  I’m in the latter group. This is a stepping stone to bigger things. 
  2. Instant notifications. I’ll admit it, I’m the type of person that is constantly connected to her phone. It’s my little buddy, my lifeline.  I get a little ding with Glass and I know that I have an email or new Twitter message. In fact, this has helped save my iPhone battery today. I’m at 3:00pm right now and I’m above 80%.  Glass allows you to stay connected without looking down at your phone constantly.  The Google Now cards that show me relevant information, such as my flight times or weather, are also pretty neat too.
  3. Hands free video and photo (and damn good pictures). When Glass was first released, the photos were good but not extraordinary.  With a software update, they became fantastic. I love the idea of hands free photos because sometimes you can’t just stop and dig through your purse, turn on the camera and shoot without missing the moment.



  4. Limited Edition.  I’m an explorer, I was chosen to be an explorer. There is maybe one other person within 50 miles of me that has Glass.  Seriously, I have checked and rechecked. As a result, I feel special, unique and privileged.
  5. Sharability. That’s not a word, but what I mean is that I can share my photos, send emails, (or texts if I had an android), and now even view webpages with my glass. I can search and check out photos, do math by just asking Google something, and even translate words or phrases (and hear the translation being spoken back).  I find I spend less time on my phone and am able to do the simple sharing that would usually require me to stare down at the little screen for a couple minutes.  It’s basically cool. and I love it! 🙂

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