So, I have Glass


Well, I have them.  I have my glass.  I chose Shale, even though White (oh, I’m sorry cotton) looked good on me.  I was worried about makeup and finger prints. Sky was where I honestly thought my heart would end up. In the end, Shale looked interesting yet inconspicuous.

Let me start by saying that I honestly haven’t played around with them as much as I want.  This was a whirlwind of a trip for me (and my friend, Danielle).  We crammed a lot into 2 and a half days and it was all in a new city for us.

Our Itinerary

Our Itinerary

So, I didn’t really get to play with it all that much whilst ON the trip.  I do get some strange looks and I can overhear people whispering to their friends, “Look, there’s Google Glass”.  I get strange looks more often than anything.

This is pretty accurate.

When I explain Glass to people though, the reaction is good. They are excited or interested.  One guy told me he was worried about asking because he wondered if it were some sort of brace. When they look through the screen, they are usually amazed. I get “OH, wow! I see it now!” When they see the little screen appear.

Girl with Glass

This reaction is surprisingly accurate when you try on Glass

Today is the first day I’ve had them on for the majority of the day.  I used the sunglasses attachment this morning and have been wearing them at the office this afternoon.  I love getting the push notifications from my email. I haven’t picked up my phone as much either unless I really want to go into depth with a response or access an app that isn’t available yet through Glass. (#throughglass).


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