Why I Chose The Name

Glass Explorer. No, I didn’t invent that clever little title. In fact, I was going to use “glass girl” but it sounded too much like a nerdy super power.


When I first found out about #glass, I was skeptical. I mean, would it really be all they said it would? It was pretty futuristic, and would there even be a market for it? However, as a gigantic tech geek I thought it was cool and maybe I’d get to try them in a couple years.


I stumbled across this contest when looking up specs on Glass one day and figured, what the hell. I had nothing to loose. I probably wouldn’t get picked.

Then the amazing happened and I was chosen. Now, some think that the 8,000 of us were chosen mainly by chance or computer error.


Can i just say that I love the awkwardness of stock photography 'feelings' related images

Whatever the case was, I was chosen. Now to clarify, I didn’t win glass. I won an opportunity to purchase them. (This is a post for another day).

Anyway, I found an active group on Google+ called “Glass Explorers”. Great group of people. Our unit if glass is called ‘Explorer Edition’ so it fits.


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